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By:George Hitchcock
Published on 2003 by


Poetry, fiction, and drama by George Hitchcock, a -major American writer/editor of the 20th century. Foreword by Philip Levine. Introduction by Robert McDowell. In 1960 George Hitchcock founded the San Francisco Review. In 1964, he launched Kayak magazine and press. Both established the work and careers of Robert Bly, Raymond Carver, Charles Simic, James Tate, Kathleen Fraser, Anne Sexton, John Haines, W. S. Merwin, Carolyn Kizer, and many others. Hitchcock also authored several books of distinctive, Surrealist poetry, widely produced plays, and fiction. This book includes work from all three genres, and a section on Kayak. George Hitchcock, at 86, divides his time between Harrisburg, Oregon, and La Paz, Mexico.

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